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After an unknown holocaust, you're assigned to guide a cleanup crew of three quirky robots on planet Earth.  Each utility bot has its own individual personality and special ability.  All three must work together to solve procedurally-generated puzzles in this sci-fi rogue-like.  Each mission is  ingeniously designed and completely different. Never in my life, have I seen a game that could craft such clever and unique puzzles each time you play. It's like Blizzard's "The Lost Vikings" with infinite and endless game-play. The developer of this game is truly a pioneer.  Even the soundtrack for each mission is procedurally-generated for a different musical score every time. And there's two options for those who prefer a more casual experience. Through the story and campaign, you will unlock new types of missions, upgrades and skills.  And once you've completed the campaign, you're free to continue playing as long as  you like, or start another adventure.  I've played thousands of missions through the development, and can highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys puzzle games and rogue-likes!

Thanks Mark, your words mean so much to me right now! It's great to have you as a fan!


Hey Folks!! Here is the end of the Early Alpha demo!! We are by no means done playing this, we strive for harder puzzles!!

Hello guys! I love this indie game, it's really well imagined, and that story about robot saving the earth looking for survivors gave me that Wall-e vibe! Loved it, the first levels where pretty simple obviously but I got stuck for many minutes after the third one! 

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Thanks for playing the game and reaching out to us about the world championship. We applied!


Hey Folks!! Here is the second episode for the Alpha Preview of Terraformng Earth!! We got into a bit of trouble today when entering the level, i believe we exploded ourselves twice before realizing the dangers of the mowers. Enjoy!


Nice fun little indie game about using robots to save humanity. The mechanics are fun and easy to understand. And there is a little robot humor to go with the game play. I truly enjoyed what content was available and cant wait to experience more of whats to come on full release. The random puzzle generation is a nice touch in an ever growing gaming community centered around a specific goal and a linear path to it. Much enjoyed! 4/5 stars!!   

Hi Nexxus! Thanks for the review! To be honest, the random generator was particularly easy on you. Also since I introduced Opi's ability to carry teammates, the generator thought that leading Spiri down steps for Opi to carry her back up was kinda fun, so I disabled those kinds of trivial puzzles. Download the game again (v0.4.8) for the update. Also, there should be puzzles involving mower hustling, can't tell you more ;)


Neat little game! I love the random puzzles and different functions each robot performs! I think some light background music would really help as it feels a lot of the game is silent when the robots weren't using their abilities. Also, just a gripe when it comes to recording, the game doesn't seem to like being recorded (with obs at least) for some reason when in full screen, and my first recording just turned into the menu screen frozen with all the game sounds still playing. Even just a whole screen capture was just a black screen. Finally found a way to record it but only in windowed mode which is in a fixed resolution that doesn't look as good as it did in full screen but at least still worked. Would like to see that either fixed in the full game, or at least an option to change the resolution to make it at least 1280x720 if not higher. Hope to play the full game once it's out and hope you enjoy the video! 


Oh man, super sorry about your video not getting recorded in full screen mode. I'll try to repro the problem with OBS, to get the engine devs to help out. I'll introduce a resolution setting, at least that seems like a straightforward business.

Huge thanks for making the video even though you had a terrible experience the first time around. Special thanks for sending feedback to the level generator! It's so fun to watch these playthroughs, because I also see the levels for the first time. Cheers & wish you the best with the situation thingy! ๐Ÿคž 


Nice game.

Ooooh, nice! A series?? Can't wait for the next episodes! Thanks so much for making this video!


great little game!

Haha neat, man! This was the funniest let's play so far, hands down! Thanks for your articulate feedback on the sound effects, esp. regarding the inadequacy of my pitch-shift approach, haha. I kinda thought it was enough for now. Anyway, v0.4.3 coming out today already has an SFX volume setting, so you don't have to listen until we fix them, which will happen in the beta (around end of april?).

Thanks for taking the time to make this video!


I'm on MacOS and getting a "module 'ssl.core' not found" error on startup. Tried reinstalling to no success.

Thanks for taking the time to let me know. I've seen this before on someone else's machine, but can't reproduce it on either of macs. 

Anyway, I disabled the module, so the game should start now in "Offline mode", which means you won't be able to share and load levels, but at least you can play the game. Please try v0.4.2.

Thanks again for the bug report!


It's working now, thanks!

Yay! Thanks for confirming, have fun!


does this game work with a nintendo pro controller?

Yes, I think it should work.

While I haven't actually tried, there is support for 3 different versions of the Switch Pro and one version of the Wii Pro controller in my gamepad config file. 

Let me know how it went!


i like the game but i cant play it because theres a bug i think were when the camra move's all the texteres fly in the screen and makes it really hard to see what is happening, i would like to see this fixed for the demo so i can see  for my self what the game will be like! :)


Thanks for taking the time to write this comment! I appreciate your eagerness to play and I'd like to fix the demo for you, however, I'll need more info. I haven't seen this issue before. Can you post a short video or screenshot? Does everything move fuzzily, or is it just the background? What is your screen resolution? Could you try playing the game in windowed mode as a workaround? (There's a full screen setting in the menu). Please let me know how it went. Thank you!


the Laptop i'm useing is new, and i don't know how to take screen shots or videos,


I did as you said and tried windowing the game and it worked the game is not throwing the textures on the screen, okay so a screen shot would not work because (i may have already said this in my last comment) it only happens when i move the camera, i'll see what else i can find, Thank's

Thanks a lot for trying it out. The game is not really tested on larger screen sizes, so it's definitely something I should do before the beta (and what a real game studio would have done before the alpha, lol.) Thanks for bearing with me, I'll get to the bottom of everything, given time.

Thank you too, i enjoyed it


This is a great idea and the robots are adorable. It's surprising that the levels are procedurally generated, that's a bit feat putting it off with such good results (from what I've seen so far). Keep up the awesome work. :)


Thanks for this awesome playthrough! Congrats on being the first person to complete the alpha demo on video! ๐Ÿ‘

Actually, local co-op is already built into the demo, so give it a go if you have some friends over! Use multiple controllers, or just press Ctrl+1 (arrows) or Ctrl+2 (WASD) to play on the keyboard.

Sorry about the time rewind bug at the end ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ Time travel is tricky ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธI'll sort it out ASAP!

Thanks for the support, have a nice day!


I really loved the different abilities of each robot and the names really got me! Though I do think the game is at its best with more complex puzzles that require each bot and the enemies weren't introduced all that well. Still, good start!

Oh wow, dude, this video review means the world to me right now! Sorry about the mowers blowing you up a few times, I'll think about a gentler introduction and maybe a way to perma-disable them? I'm starting to wonder if they have to be lethal at all (you do need them for a few puzzles).  The first "tutorial" level is handcrafted BTW, which lets me have a tight control over the experience. The next two were really random, I haven't seem them before. While the generator guarantees that the levels are solvable, sometimes there are easier solutions (like jumping off the cliff in the last level to circumvent the spikes, instead of forcing Curi to float over them and switch them off for the others). Anyway, totally my fault for insisting that procedural puzzles can be fun. They will be more fun in the future.  Thanks for helping me on the way there.  ๐Ÿ™Œ